Galante Bajbory 2018
  • Date: Sep 21 – Sep 23, 2018
  • 24 teams
  • ▫️Niciarniana, Włókiennicza and Przędzalniana sections play 3 games using the Schenkel System (points, stone ratio, end ratio, stones, ends)

    ▫️Section winners, runners-up and 2 best teams from 3rd places play in Górna (High Road) Quarter Finals. Last team from 3rd place, 4th and 5th placed teams and best team from 6th place play in Śródmieście (Middle Road) Quarter Finals. Remaining 8 teams play in Doły (Low Road) Quarter Finals.

    ▫️Górna and Śródmieście (High and Middle Road) also play games 5-8, teams will be ranked according to the stones scored in the last game
  • After 90 minutes a signal will be played meaning that the currently played end is penultimate
  • 4 games guaranteed
    5 games for 20 best teams
    6th game for final 8 teams
  • Prize money: 4000 PLN ?
  • Entry fee: 600 PLN or 150 EUR.
  • ⏱ Registration opens on 16.06.2018 at 00:01, first came, first served basis. A waiting list will be created if the number of entries is higher than 24./li>
  • ❗️PLEASE NOTE: Only entries with complete team line-up (4 players minimum) will be considered
  • ❕ An email confirming successful registration should be received immediately after submitting the entry form. Should you not receive it, please contact us on:
    ?8:30 Niciarniana section: 1st game
    ?11:00 Włókiennicza section: 1st game
    ?13:30 Niciarniana section 2nd game
    ?16:30 Przędzalniana section: 1st game
    ?19:00 Włókiennicza section: 2nd game
    ?21:30 Przędzalniana section: 2nd game

    ?8:30 Niciarniana section: 3rd game
    ?11:00 Włókiennicza section: 3rd game
    ?13:30 Przędzalniana section: 3rd game
    ?16:30 Górna: QF
    ?19:00 Doły: QF
    ?21:30 Śródmieście: QF

    ?8:00 Doły: Semis, Śródmieście: games 5-8
    ?10:30 Górna: Semis, Śródmieście: Semis
    ?13:00 Doły: Gold and Bronze games, Górna: games 5-8
    ?16:00 Górna: Gold and Bronze games, Śródmieście: Gold and Bronze games
  • ? Prizes:

    ?Górna winner (The Champion of Galante Bajbory 2018): 1000 PLN
    ?Górna Runner-up: 700 PLN
    ?Górna 3rd place: 500 PLN

    ?Śródmieście winner: 500 PLN
    ?Śródmieście runner-up: 400 PLN
    ?Śródmieście 3rd place: 300 PLN

    ?Doły winner: 300 PLN
    ?Doły runner-up: 200 PLN
    ?Doły 3rd place: 100 PLN
  • * System and prize money might change if less teams than 24 participate.